My Money Secret

The law of attraction is the belief that whatever you think about in life you will attract. If you want to be rich... start thinking about what you want in detail; just visualize the career, the success, the checks and the house and you will attract those things in your life. At least that's I learned watching the video called The Secret .After I was introduced toThe Secret via Oprah, I suspected that LOA would be the key to my success. That's what I hope for.

So let me $hare The Problem; worrying about money is keeping me up at night. My husband became the bread winner for the family when I left my job about 2 years ago. The transition from being self sufficient to becoming financially dependent was challenging. Gambit, my husband, made it easier for me because he always considered all money...our money but we $till disagreed with each other's financial philosophies that lead to a few ... Besides Gambit made enough money to take care of our family, and working outside of the home became very difficult for me so setting pride aside we learned to deal............until my husband lost his client two weeks before Christmas. The once small disagreements had become mountains in a matter of minutes. With my health problems and his entrepreneurial skills we decided to focus our efforts on building up our business. Our plan... live off of my retirement money until we make it.

I learned early in life that it was important to play it safe but my life feels like one big risk; this results in an emotional rollercoaster of stress, fear, anger and shame. This came at a time when I finally decided what I wanted to be when I grew up. This time last year I gave in to my husband's persistent pleas and started a blog. I fell in love with blogging instantly and envisioned becoming a professional blogger. Having very little internet and writing experience made me a little technically and grammaticality challenged that only encouraged me to commit to working hard and connect to my love of learning.Gambit had plans to revamp his businesses that he's neglected. His old client consumed too much of his time so he is grateful to have the time to work for himself again

So what's our plan? Um...I'm not sure... I feel like we are making it up as we go along. Do you know the song lyrics, that's me right now. So hubby and me are learning how to thrive in uncharted waters I am desperately searching for anything that can bring faith, peace and joy; that's why the law of attraction looks so appealing but the pressure that I'm under to hurry up and make money makes learning LOA principles difficult. So I just follow the LOA the action series I found on blog Lessons From A Recovering Doormat. Until I learn how to make LOA work for me I will focus on the one thing I already know...Hope is powerful!

My hope for 3L is to inspire people to do their best and teach them through my life's lesson (successes and failures). It is humbling to publish a post about the hardships in my life when I want to take a well respected authority role but in reality I'm not an expert on positivity and business success. Yes I have struggle in every area of my Life but I have a Lust for learning and a Love for sharing what I know. Please don't focus on my faults, instead read and learn from my mistakes. I want 3L to become a second home for all of us...a place to let down our guards and facades and express what you repress so that obsess cause depress...ion...(couldn't figure out how work out the last word). Stress hurts my creativity so I thought that it was time to share the things that are troubling me before I become superficial.

I need your advice. Please help me come up with a blogging business: pointing out 3L's flaws and quick fixes, frugal living tips, how to create financial plan with your partner and ideas on monetizing a blog quickly. I do a lot of reading but find that I'm torn between abandoning the blog while I plan or making half hearted efforts to improve my efforts... So I decided that instead of trying to come up with all the answers myself I'll get by with a little help from my friends

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Ten Steps to Becoming a Hard Worker

Few people have job security these days, so it is very important to get noticed by your employer as a dependable, hardworking, indispensable employee. However it can be difficult to remain ambitious, while maintaining a well-balanced and happy home life. So, whether you find your habits a little lazy, or you are a full blown workaholic, incorporating the tips below will improve not only your attitude, but also attract new and exciting opportunities that will assure your success.

Ten Steps to Becoming a Hard Worker

1) Learn from a mentor- Work ethic is best learned in childhood from adults that we love and respect. However, having a mentor is a great way to learn what it takes to succeed in you chosen or current profession. If you don't know someone personally, find one on the internet; Score is a useful website that helps connect you to well established people from pletny of different industries so that you can seek advice. They also have many local offices where you can meet with mentors face to face. If you are a parent make sure you teach your children well.

2) Become generous- Ask not what your company can do for you, but what you can do for your company. Let's be honest, a lot of people work to make a living. When you get a job it is likely that you are more concerned with how working for someone will benefit you. To become a hard worker, you have to balance a self-focused tendency with generosity. What can you do to help to improve customer service, staff morale, or increase the profit margin?

3) Find the significance- Maybe you don't have a dream job and your title is less than thrilling. If you don't understand how your job duties help the world around you, you may feel like hard work is a wasted effort; when you know the significance of your job to yourself and others, you will be motivated to push yourself to give your very best. If your job did not exist, what problems would your company or even your neighborhood have? How does your job improve your life?

4) Create short , medium
and long term career goals- If you are not passionate about your current job, then this step is vital. Working in a dead end job with no plans will sap the strength of any well intentioned worker. If you have the habits of a highly effective person but have no hope of ever seeing a personal reward for your actions, it is hard to maintain the momentum. Creating long term goals will help you to remember your ultimate goal and keep your passion fresh. Medium term goals help to connect your present to the future by creating a plan of action that will help you accomplish all the steps needed to accomplish your ultimate goals. Short term goals will help spur you on day to day and help you see your current success, making your job rewarding this present moment.

5) Reward your milestones- Every week make a "to do" list of your work duties/projects and prioritize each item; create a flexible daily schedule that reflects your priorities. When you accomplished significant milestones and goals, reward yourself with activities that you love and that you find relieve your stress (sporting events, concerts, buying new shoes, etc...)

6) Do what you love- A key component in the Laws of Attraction is gratitude. Appreciating what you already have attracts bigger and better opportunities to you. Never let gratitude become an excuse to be mediocre. Take time to think about the things you love to do and the talents you want to develop. Dream about the perfect job or entrepreneurial venture and make that a part of your goals. When you are ready to make the transition, you will see the skills and opportunities that your current job has provided. In the mean time, bring the things that you love to do into your job now by creating projects that will benefit your current employer, your coworkers and/or your clients.

7) Don't complain, create- Everything can be improved. Instead of going to a coworker or supervisor to vent your frustration, use your talents and expertise to create a solution. Create what you believe to be a fool proof plan before you introduce the concept to others. It might be a solution that you can implement alone or requires effort on everyone's part. The worst thing that could happen is that your superiors don't like your plan, but become aware of the problem. The best thing that can happen is that you create a new job for yourself that is a promotion, and fixes the issues that you dislike about your work place.

8) Ask for help- Becoming a hard worker does not turn you into an indestructible human being. Knowing your limits and your coworkers' strengths is priceless. When creating your daily schedule, make sure it's realistic. If you are over scheduled or the do list is not getting completed, ask for help from people who are talented and willing. Managers/supervisors need to learn the art of delegation and reward your staff by implementing solutions to their complaints.

9) Take good care of yourself- It is okay to work overtime, but when you leave work make sure you focus on your personal life. Take good care of your body by exercising, eating nutritious food and sleeping 8 hours every day. Use all of your vacation time to relax and regroup, even if you decide not to go out of town. Make sure time with friends and family is rich in quality and laughter. Always strive for balance by connecting to yourself and taking care of all of your needs: emotional, spiritual, adventurous, romantic, educational, etc...

10) Do away with distractions- Get creative and learn how to make work fun so that you don't feel tempted to find distractions. If you like listening to music at work, just make sure that it is not disturbing anyone. Also, make sure you're able to maintain focus on your tasks and that it doesn't go against company policy. If something causes you to be less productive, make a commitment to only partake in those habits during your allotted breaks. Instead, work hard to make your job duties interesting. If you know of nothing you can do to help you focus on and enjoy your job, then it is time to get serious about finding something else.

She Works Hard For the Money

If you are frustrated with your lack of effort at work, all is not lost. Be patient, and know that you have what it takes to succeed and become a model employee. These changes won't happen overnight but with persistence and confidence in yourself, your efforts will not go unnoticed.

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Tips for Your Language Class

  • Read ahead- Prepare for class by staying ahead of the lesson plan. Read and practice pronunciation for each corresponding lesson just before class.
  • Find a study buddy- Form a study group or find a study partner to help you practice dialogue and to quiz each other.
  • Figure out Your Motivation- Ask yourself why you want to learn a new language?Having a good motivation will help you to work hard.
  • Learn One Concept At A Time- Make sure you learn each concept thoroughly before moving on to the next one.
  • Supplement Your Textbook- If you had trouble with a concept go to the library and get a books, CD, or DVD to help with your studies.
  • Expose yourself to the language as much as possible- Watch movies, read books go and visit places where there are native speakers.
  • Look for opportunities to use what you've learned- If you out and you run into a native speaker start a conversation with them.
  • Learn the correct pronunciation quickly-Make it a habit from early on to say it the right way so that you don't have to relearn words.
  • Make your own flash cards- Write vocab,grammar rules and draw pictures instead of the English equivalent.
  • Group like word together- Categorize vocabulary words and memorize a group a words from one category in the morning and practice it through the day.
  • Learn the culture- Read up on the culture of native speakers homelands, follow news coverage, find and listen to music, get familiar with current fashions.
  • Plan a trip to where your language is spoken- Use the language exclusively. Take dictionaries and phrase books to use when feel stuck.
  • Speak to native speakers you know- Whether it's a neighbor or friend make a point to talk to them often.
  • Have fun- Get creative when you study and find a way to make studying fun.