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A friend of the family hipped me to Blog Catalog and I’m so glad he did. It has help me in numerous ways: finding great blogs to read, helpful personal discussions, making online friends, learning what it takes to become a better blogger, etc… I really could go on and on with no complaints, make that only one complaint there are a few bossy bloggers that make a list of demands before they even think to type hello. If you have a blog of your own I’m sure you’re familiar with their comments, shouts or tweets: I just visited your blog and I hope you return the favor. Please leave a comment, click on a links, ki$$ my ads, favorite me on Technorati and Stumble a few of my post. If you have time tweet how much you liked the article and leave a comment on my shout box to let me know what you think… Does that sound familiar?

Look I’ve been guilty of it too. When I first starting blogging (a whole 9 months ago) a whole new world opened up to me. The internet was this strange and scary place full of identity thieves, viruses and sex predators. I did not feel safe roaming the web so I visited a few places that made me feel comfortable. I was use to working a full-time job, for my husband’s business and at home as a house wife so I did not make time to get comfortable with the computer. However, after years of my husband suggestions I finally I decided to try out blogging and I fell in love instantly. It was great to have a place to reconnect with my love of writing, to vent things that seemed inappropriate to talk about anywhere else and to experience what it’s like to have complete control over something.

I loved blogging about anything I wanted but I did go through a lonely period that made it difficult to write. It’s hard to pour your heart out on the screen for everyone to see when no one responds. It is also very hard to look at the worried eyes of my family try to convince them that I will make money by blogging I just don’t know when or how much. Yes I want to visit my page and see 100 new comments and check my Adsense account and see that I’m making $100/day (to start with of course I would love to make more). So yes I have harassed a few online friends, but lucky for me they were really nice about it (thank you LazyKing for your patience). So when I get a “to do list” from a stranger I’m happy to oblige but to a point. Now that I’ve been introduced to so many great blogs I don’t want to spend time reading about diamond insurance or what which model had the best car manual. I shouldn’t have to dig for content through a sea of advertising or fight off the army of pop ups; I don’t think any blog is worth it.

Hey I’m down to earth with many faults of my own; I can admit that I need a bigger vocabulary and that I just learned what SEO stands. Still I believe that all bloggers need to be aware of common courtesy. How would you feel if a stranger walked up to you and without shaking your hand and tells you that his grass needs to be cut and points out the shed where you keep your lawn mower? Is it okay if he promises to return the favor once you put a note in his mail box letting him know you are finished? Would you at least consider cutting their grass if they asked you nicely instead of assuming you would oblige?

What are things that bloggers do to annoy you? Feel free to share constructive criticism about LL&L too. Is there anything thing that annoys you or screams unprofessional? Do you like the site but would like me to make a few tweaks here and there?

Funky Fonts

What am I doing wrong? I can't figure out how to fix my font. For some reason whether I copy and paste from word, write in post directly on Blogger or publish directly from word and make a few edits in blogger I end up with funky fonts and different sized text. I considered that my new template was to blame but I remember having the same problems with the old template. Whether I take the time to beautify my post or use the default font, I find myself surprised by the appearance of each post; I seem to be the only one who suffers from this affliction. There are so many beautiful blogs that are clean and consistent but not mine.

Has anyone else had this problem before? Please help me find the problem and/or the solution! The only time I had this problem on Wordpress was if I copied and pasted my post from word but I learned that early on and found many other options to avoid that problem. I've almost given up on publishing a pretty post but decided that I'm "not going to take it". It's time to learn how to fix it with the help of my fabulous followers.

10 Steps for Promoting Your Blog

If you are a blogger promoting your blog comes second to publishing great content. Since I've decided to blog fulltime I've discovered that I have a lot to learn. So right now I'm reading a book How to Make Money with Your Blog: The Ultimate Reference Guide for Building, Optimizing, and Monetizing Your Blog (How to Make . . .). Its a meaty but easy to read book full of practical advice that would help any novice or blogging professional. These ten steps your will get your blog more exposure.

10 Steps for Promoting Your Blog


  1. Submit your blog to these so you can follow the second step: Technorati, Feed Burner


  2. Ping your blog content: Ping-o -Matic,Ping Technorati, and Ping FeedBurner


  3. Submit to blog directories: DMOZ, SubmitExpress,BOTW,ahoo!Directory




  6. Find and Read good tutorials on promoting rss feeds: The 7- Steps of RSS Marketing Plan, 55 Active RSS Directories


  7. Get links from other blogs: comment on other blogs, offer link exchange , and participate in blog forums


  8. Comment and link to the most popular blogs: Top 100 Blogs, Top 25 Most Poplar Blog in- April 2009, Most Popular Blogs


  9. Consider services that allow you to pay for or get paid for blog reviews: Pay Per Post, Bloggeries

10.   Use social networking/bookmarking to promote your blog: Delicious, Twitter, MyBloglog, Digg,
Blog Carnival and StumbleUpon


A Few More Links:


My Blogging Business

Pinging and ping lists

...Being Linked to Other Bloggers


To be honest I am still going though many of the steps myself so if you have any tips you want to share feel free. Although I'm new to blogging and business it doesn't mean I can't blog like a professional. With theses helpful steps and links you too will promote your blog with substantial results.