Tips for Your Language Class

  • Read ahead- Prepare for class by staying ahead of the lesson plan. Read and practice pronunciation for each corresponding lesson just before class.
  • Find a study buddy- Form a study group or find a study partner to help you practice dialogue and to quiz each other.
  • Figure out Your Motivation- Ask yourself why you want to learn a new language?Having a good motivation will help you to work hard.
  • Learn One Concept At A Time- Make sure you learn each concept thoroughly before moving on to the next one.
  • Supplement Your Textbook- If you had trouble with a concept go to the library and get a books, CD, or DVD to help with your studies.
  • Expose yourself to the language as much as possible- Watch movies, read books go and visit places where there are native speakers.
  • Look for opportunities to use what you've learned- If you out and you run into a native speaker start a conversation with them.
  • Learn the correct pronunciation quickly-Make it a habit from early on to say it the right way so that you don't have to relearn words.
  • Make your own flash cards- Write vocab,grammar rules and draw pictures instead of the English equivalent.
  • Group like word together- Categorize vocabulary words and memorize a group a words from one category in the morning and practice it through the day.
  • Learn the culture- Read up on the culture of native speakers homelands, follow news coverage, find and listen to music, get familiar with current fashions.
  • Plan a trip to where your language is spoken- Use the language exclusively. Take dictionaries and phrase books to use when feel stuck.
  • Speak to native speakers you know- Whether it's a neighbor or friend make a point to talk to them often.
  • Have fun- Get creative when you study and find a way to make studying fun.


LazyKing said...

these are great tips and are applicable for any kind of study.
We just need more discipline to apply them

LLnL said...

Once I got over my fear of being labeled as a dork I really learned to appreciate the art of studying and found it fun. I started to type up combining lecture and textbook notes for people who missed class but people who made it to class started requesting them too. I should have sold them...of course I think of it now.

lisleman said...

I found that first semester clip a month or so before I left on a trip to Peru. It made me realize how little spanish I could speak.

It a favorite youtube clip.

Thanks for posting the second semester one - another great one - funny stuff.