Funky Fonts

What am I doing wrong? I can't figure out how to fix my font. For some reason whether I copy and paste from word, write in post directly on Blogger or publish directly from word and make a few edits in blogger I end up with funky fonts and different sized text. I considered that my new template was to blame but I remember having the same problems with the old template. Whether I take the time to beautify my post or use the default font, I find myself surprised by the appearance of each post; I seem to be the only one who suffers from this affliction. There are so many beautiful blogs that are clean and consistent but not mine.

Has anyone else had this problem before? Please help me find the problem and/or the solution! The only time I had this problem on Wordpress was if I copied and pasted my post from word but I learned that early on and found many other options to avoid that problem. I've almost given up on publishing a pretty post but decided that I'm "not going to take it". It's time to learn how to fix it with the help of my fabulous followers.


lisleman said...

I like your template - my guess would be with the template but I don't know.
if you figure it out please post the answer.

Being and Quirkiness said...

Humm, I'm afraid I don't have an answer for you 3L :)

Rebecca said...

LLnL, I write in notepad, not word, and then copy and paste it, I have the same problem otherwise. You can copy and past into notepad and it will lose all formatting when you do.
Notepad has no preset formats, like Word does, and unfortunately when you copy and past from Word it brings all the format with it.
Sometimes when it happens in blogger itself, I have to delete everything from the "edit html" section to make sure it is totally blank and then copy and paste into the "wysiwyg" part of blogger straight from note pad.
I hope this helps and is understandable, LOL

LazyKing said...

1- Avoid the copy/paste!!!
2- If you want to copy something for your posts, first copy the text using Notepad. And then copy the notepad text to your blog.
3- Always Use notepad for writing your posts. Unfortunately notepad doesnt correct the mistakes but the blogger Compose does.
Bref, notepad will solve your problem.

Gina Alfani said...

Yeah, I've had the same problem. I'll start using Notepad for new posts.

I've run into the problem big time when copying from one blog to another (like Yahoo to Blogger). I found that if I copy straight text (not using HTML) and pasting into Blogger HTML edit mode works for me.

LLnL said...

@lisleman- Thank you! I'm glad you the template. I don't have THE answer but I'm learning how to avoid the problem.

@Being and Quirkiness- That's okay I'm sure you'll wow me with you intellect soon enough.

@Rebecca- Everything you said helps. I will try that. I'm not crazy about notepad, but it works so what can you do.

@LazyKing- What are you trying to do to me LZ, take copy and paste from me. Never will I part. I don't know if you've picked on the fact that I not a great type and I make more than few mistakes. To retype, or type with Word helping me edit... me thinks your crazy kind sir.JK, I know your right. I just have to work out a system that works for me. I find tons of errors after using Word, so I will take my time from now on. THANK YOU LZ.

@Gina Alfani- It gets confusing, every C&P method defers and I get mixed up what works for what. I guess Notepad wins by default, but only when I've exhausted the other methods. Thank Gina.